Spilt Milk not only has great listeners, but also great speakers!

Amanda has experience presenting to the general public as well as range of health professionals including midwives, lactation consultants, GPs, and psychologists.

Balancing science, analogies and self-disclosure, Spilt Milk workshops bring to life up-to-date, evidence-based information about infant feeding, parenting and mental health.

Some of our favourite topics to speak about are:

  • Supporting breastfeeding mothers with perinatal mood disorders
  • Perinatal Depression (PND) and Perinatal Anxiety (PNA)
  • Postnatal Rage
  • Gentle Parenting
  • Birth Trauma
  • Normal Newborn Behaviour
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion
  • Emotional responses to breastfeeding – including breastfeeding after trauma, nursing aversion and D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex)
  • Compassion focused therapy

Amanda has a wealth of public speaking experience from small groups, such as workplace CPD,  to large settings, such as national conferences! 

2019 workshop calendar coming soon…