Rachel Bushing

Rachel Bushing

Clinical Psychologist 

Rachel is the founder of POP Psychology, a unique private practice in Brisbane aiming to make therapy accessible, creative and fun.

In 2019, Rachel will be partnering with Spilt Milk Psychology to run a series of workshops, both for health professionals and the general public.

Rachel’s experience as a Clinical Psychologist and professional educator has taken her to various roles in government, non-government, and private practice. These settings have built a solid foundation of learning from the children and families she sees, and especially in the areas of Complex Trauma, Family Systems frameworks, infant and toddler emotional development, and the impacts of early attachment disruption.

She is particularly passionate about Perinatal Mental Health for its potential in improving the health of the family unit as they navigate the demands of pregnancy, birth, raising an infant, and beyond. Rachel has always been an advocate for clinical learning, high quality supervision, and building community through shared understandings.