"The solution to unreasonable expectations of parents is not unreasonable expectations of babies."

Amanda Connell | @spiltmilkpsych

Clinical Psychologist

Amanda Connell

Amanda Connell is a clinical psychologist working at the intersection of infant feeding, mental health and early parenting. For too long, discussions around parental mental health have pitted parents against their children in the battle for happiness. Amanda passionately believes there is enough love for everyone. She champions finding solutions that honour the needs of both mother and baby, bringing fierce compassion to perinatal mental health. Her human-centred approach empowers families by providing insightful, practical, and relatable information and support.

For professionals

Amanda is a clinically endorsed, board approved supervisor.  She is  passionate about improving the knowledge and skills of health professionals in the arena of perinatal mental health. She provides individual supervision and mentoring as well as training workshops in a variety of settings.